Using Your Tablet to Improve Your Photo Business

Illustration/Uttam Kumar Swarnkar

Illustration/Uttam Kumar Swarnkar

Conchita Fernandes
presents a list of the various ways in which your tablet can promote your photography business and get more clients.

You have recently purchased a tablet and so far you have only used it to play Fruit Ninja and Skype with your best friend in the United States. What if I told you that you can customise your tablet to help you in your photography business? Here are some ways in which you can use your tablet to its fullest potential.

A Portable Portfolio
Instead of just carrying a CD or lugging along a bulky laptop, imagine walking into your client’s meeting room and stylishly running through your work on your tablet. Its screen resolution and vibrancy makes it a great interface for viewing images. All tablets have an option of creating slideshows of photographs which can make for a unique presentation too.

Optimising Your Website
A tablet is a sleeker and lighter option for you to show your website to a client. So, while creating your photography website, ensure that it is optimised for a tablet viewing experience.

On the Go Photo Editor
You just finished with a shoot and your client wants you to send him the images immediately, for a preview. In such a situation, you could do a quick review of your photographs by simply transferring the images to your tablet to do a quick selection and even make small edits. Apps like Snapseed (iOS 5.0 or later and Android 4.0 and above) are good for making minor tweaks and are very simple to use as well.

Unconventional Display
Have you ever thought about using a tablet to display your work at an event or exhibition? Will it not be great to see the curiosity on the faces of those who approach your device to check your images? Your tablet will guarantee that visitors have a unique and personalised viewing experience with your work.

Client Booking and Payment
Your cell phone or your laptop now has a more efficient alternative to go over your schedule or contracts. These functions can be performed by your tablet with the help of innovative apps like Contract Maker Pro (iOS 5.0 or later and Android 2.1 above) which draws up a digital contract instantly. You can even accept payments on the spot with apps like Square (iOS 4.1 and later and Android 2.2 and above).

Be confident about the workings of your device. Fumbling with your tablet during a presentation looks clumsy.

A Portable Field Monitor
Did you know that you can tether your camera to a tablet? This allows you to instantly view images that have been shot, on the tablet’s screen. Since the tablet’s screen is bigger than the display of a camera, it becomes easy to identify if any changes in lighting or composition need to be made.

Social Media Promotion
While your cell phone is perfect for the occasional tweet or Facebook update, your tablet offers much more, especially when it comes to blogging. Its large screen makes it convenient for you to type out your blog posts and even make image uploads to it. This ends up being a fun and interactive experience.

ePublishing versus Print
With several publications making a move from the print medium to digital, it is no wonder that a large number of photographers are coming out with their images showcased in eBook formats. eBooks are not only cost effective for the photographer, but they are also popular among the younger crowd. Moreover, they can be created and personalised very easily on a tablet.

Creating a Digital Album
Speak with your client and suggest the idea of a digital album. Mention how it can be easily shared with family and friends. If your client is extravagant, you could even include a tablet containing the images of the ceremony as a value added service. Newly married couples would love the gesture and they would most likely recommend you to others.
There are not a lot of highly portable options in the market today that can make an impression on potential clients in the price range of a tablet. So, now you can safely forget about hauling your laptop or your bulky portfolio each time you have a meeting scheduled. At the end of the day, you will discover that you can do much more with your tablet than you can imagine.

At a client meeting, ensure that you separate your personal images from your main portfolio.

A Tablet Can Never Replace…

  • A Print Portfolio: It is always advisable to carry a print portfolio along with the digital version. There will be instances where the client may not be available and you may have to leave your portfolio at the client’s office. In a situation like this, a print portfolio is ideal.
  • Your Laptop: No matter what photo editing app you use, your tablet can never replace your laptop or desktop. This is for the only reason that a tablet is still in its infancy when in-depth photo editing is concerned. Also, tablets like the iPad do not have a USB port or an SD card slot. You will have to purchase an additional Camera Connection Kit to transfer photographs from your camera to your tablet. This kit is expensive as well.
  • A Backup Device: With a lot of people today using high-end cameras that result in higher resolution images, it becomes an impractical choice to consider backing up your photographs on your tablet. Most photographers today shoot upto 16 GB worth of images in a day. In that case, even a 64 GB tablet would not be sufficient.


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