How to Develop BnW Rolls at Home?


I want to develop my B&W film rolls at home. How do I go about this?

Answer by: Girish Mistry, Photographer and Educator

Yes, you can process your black and white film at home. Ilford films is making a spirited comeback in India. You need some Paterson equipment and processing chemicals, which are available practically off the self. The best darkroom can be made in your bathroom, as it will have running water. All you have to do is block the window light with black paper and gaffer tape. It should also be dust free. Today, most chemicals are available in ready-to-use containers, but if you are feeling adventurous, and want to mix and store your own chemicals, then you will need opaque bottles for it. Keep them in an airy, but dark place.

Always handle the chemicals while wearing good quality industrial rubber gloves. You can use a film changing bag to remove the film and load it on to the spiral reel. Make sure that after use, you wash and dry the tanks and reels thoroughly. Ilford also has a ‘how to’ video and article on their website. Srishti Digilife is one place that not only stocks all that you’d need for this, but also conducts regular workshops for film processing, all over India.