Hidden Expenses


What are the hidden expenses beyond the camera and lens?

Answer by: Tejal Pandey, Photographer

There are smaller accessories like camera cards, extra batteries, lens hoods, and bags that are important to one’s kit. Things like hoods and extra batteries prove vital when travelling, where unpredictability is a part of the game. Other expenses could possibly relate to travel, accommodation, food, and transport.

At a later stage, when the first round of shooting has been wrapped up, and the project is then in the post-production stage, subscription-based software like Photoshop or Lightroom will be required, in all likelihood. A laptop of one’s own is generally handy as well. Further expenses might involve digital prints or film prints, depending on what the photographer intends to do with his/her images. At this stage, investing in a good quality colour printer, might be a good idea. If one decides to go ahead and make a book, or exhibit the photographs or include them in an installation, then the costs for it will have to be considered too.