Beware of Hidden Costs!


Buying a camera requires a lot of research. However, did you know that there are a number of hidden costs that you need to consider? Supriya Joshi lists them out.

When it comes to buying our first camera, we spend months sketching out a budget and finally decide on something that fits that budget. We assume that our budgeted amount is good enough, and that is all we need to look at. But then, how many of us actually realise that there are various hidden costs that we will face? We forget about the fact that we cannot use the camera, unless we buy batteries, memory cards and a storage bag! Besides these, there are other essential accessories that you ought to look at, as well. Let us take you through the entire process and help you understand the tiny details that you may forget. So the next time you decide to buy something, remember to keep these hidden costs in mind!

Basic Compact Camera


Basic Compact Camera

Basic Compact Camera


With their compact sizes, these cameras have a number of creative features that are handy for simple, everyday photography.
Rs. 4995

A smart battery charger with auto cut-off charging.
Rs. 800

A small, portable gorillapod for your compact camera.
Rs. 1000

Extra AA batteries with slow self-discharge rate.
Rs. 200

A basic lint-free cloth for cleaning the camera and lens.
Rs. 200

A small camera pouch for camera protection and transportation
Rs. 450

A memory card, and an extra one while travelling.
Rs. 350

Total Cost= Rs. 7995

Advanced Compact Camera 

Advance Compact Camera

Advance Compact Camera


These cameras often shoot in RAW or can support an external flashgun. They are a link between basic compact cameras and DSLRs.
Rs. 26,995.

A medium-sized bag, if your camera is bulkier than a regular compact.

Rs. 1500

Lint-free cloth to clean the camera body and the lens.
Rs. 200

8GB SDHC card for more storage and faster speed.
Rs. 650

An extra Li-ion battery for power backup.
Rs. 1800

A lightweight yet sturdy tripod for low light photography.
Rs. 3500

Total Cost=Rs. 34,645

Interchangeable Lens Camera 

Interchangeable Lens Camera

Interchangeable Lens Camera


DSLRs and mirrorless cameras give the user much more control when shooting and offer a lot more features with far superior image quality. Rs. 58,950 (Kit)

A high quality camera bag to store your camera, lenses and other accessories.

Rs. 4000

A cleaning kit for the camera and optics.
Rs. 1000

Utilities to protect the lens from external elements
Rs. 1600

16GB SDHC Class 6 memory cards for storing RAW files and HD video.
Rs. 1400

A strong and sturdy tripod to support the weight of the camera body and lens.
Rs. 7500

Total Cost=  76,650


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