Full Frame AF Issues


I recently bought my first full frame camera. While I love the quality, I am finding that the number of out-of-focus images I’m shooting has increased. Why?
Radhika Mehra, New Delhi, via email

If your new full frame is one of the high resolution 20–30MP bodies, it’s probably the fact that you need to be far more critical with these cameras, as opposed to some of the older 10/12MP entry-level DSLRs. The larger sensor also means that depth-of-field is potentially shallower, which again needs a far more disciplined approach.

Finally, it could be that your full frame camera’s AF system is not as good as your older camera (though it’s price is definitely higher). Focusing points also cover a smaller area in the viewfinder in full frame cameras sometimes. But again, a change of approach and better understanding of your gear should easily solve that.

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