Equipment and Vision


I have heard several photographers say that the camera does not matter and it is all about the photographer’s capability. If that’s really the case, why do professionals use high-end cameras? Does the choice of equipment have any influence on vision? Sanjana Thakkar, Mumbai

A professional can, in most circumstances, get the same results with far lesser equipment, but if he is on assignment, he would obviously want something that also makes his job easier and faster. That’s the main reason why pros often want to buy the latest and best, and of course, the fact that the images that they shoot help them recover the investment they’ve made in the camera, quite easily. If you are not shooting for a living, you may want to invest money elsewhere, like travel, education, a bunch of photobooks or to do a new project.

Aesthetically, you may want to use one camera over the other. If you need to make large, square prints, you may want to use medium format film; if you need extra reach, you may prefer an APS-C or Micro Four Thirds camera. Certain kinds of work demand small, nifty cameras, while others need you to slow down. A better camera will not help you get better photos, but every piece of equipment urges you to see differently, and in turn, influences the kind of photos you will make.