DIY Ideas for Lockdown with Fujifilm’s Instant Camera


Fujifilm shares a few uniques ways in which you can create compelling food collages using the company’s Intax camera.

We are all staying put at our homes to do our bit in this battle against COVID-19, while many of us are working on developing our intellectual skills, many are exploring their creative side during this lockdown to make the best use of this time. From finally starting that blog to finish reading that book gathering dust for almost a year, from trimming our gardens to creating DIY decorations for your room, we have seen so much creativity in the past few weeks. But one activity that has now become a necessity more than a hobby. It is the innovative and experimental cooking across most of the households in India.

The taste buds of all the foodies have been forcing them to go on cooking expedition in their kitchen. As one cannot go to restaurants, pop-up food joints and the street food hawkers anymore, the foodies have taken it on themselves to try out their favourite recipes and many new exciting ones to calm their food cravings.

While everyone is sharing the food escapades on their social media channels, we have some fun and creative ideas that all the foodies out there can do with the quirky, instant camera Instax by Fujifilm.

1)     Create Your Recipe Book

Do you want to immortalize your cooking expedition outside the digital world? Well, what best way that, than to create your very own recipe book, something to keep for years to come and believe us the print films will stay on for years to come with the same crisp quality as the day when you took the picture. You can either take the step- by step pictures while you are cooking the dish or you can take the picture of the finished products. What is better than a DIY cookbook for all the foodies out there? You can always look back to these memories of you food ventures or hand it down to your younger siblings.

 We have suggested a few steps below to get you going on this:

Step 1: Write the recipe down in a notebook, and then prepare the necessary ingredients.

Step 2: Start making the food and take photos of the important steps with your Instax.

Step 3: When all is finished, take a photo of the food. Zoom in so the image fills the frame, making it look really tasty.

Step 4: Paste the photos in the notebook. Now your original cookbook is ready.

2)      Create Your Visual Diet Chart

Are you bored of looking into your phone, again and again, scrolling through that app that tells you what to eat when? Why not make your own diet chart with the healthy things you eat as per your schedule? You can write the name of the dish and its nutritional benefits and stick up on a board in your kitchen or in your room. It feels good to look at a colourful diet chart every morning, it will keep you motivated to keep following the diet should you think of skipping during this lockdown period.  And with the accessories available for the Instax range and your creative ideas, it can make for good and colourful wall art as well.

3)     Create Your Food Wall

We know most you foodies are looking back at those images oh delicious looking dishes in your phone and reminiscing back to the days when you could go out to eat. Yes, all foodies are missing going to their favourite places to eat. With the Instax Share SP2 printers, you can print those mouthwatering images of your beloved food items from your phone and make a collage out of it and hang it in your room. The Instax Share SP2 lets you print any and all images from your phone, you just have to install the app available on Google Play and voila, you can pick and choose your favourite pictures and print them anytime, anywhere.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your own DIY project today.

To check out the latest range of Instax Products, check out the Instax India website at, here you will also find the range of Instax Share SP printers and all the Instax accessories you need to make your food escapades fun and memorable.

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