Critiquing Your Photographs


How critical must one be of their own photography?

Answer by: Tanvi Dhulia, Features Writer, Better Photography

When pursuing a vocation associated with the arts, it is essential for one to have thick skin. It is also crucial for us to be self-aware enough to sift through critique, without letting it become overwhelming. This becomes a lot easier to do, once you’ve found your niche and have a steady vision for the future of your own work. And while it’s reassuring to have confidence, it’s a good practice to evaluate your images and projects regularly.

However, there is the human tendency to dwell on negative details, significantly more than positive ones, and when you get into the habit of it, the cycle becomes difficult to break. It’s important to recognise when we start to do this to ourselves, because doubt is nothing but a crutch. So, it is imperative that you be kind to yourself.

It’s best not to shy away from confronting one’s flaws, but doing it compassionately will help you grow as an individual and a photographer (or a writer, or a painter, or just about anyone). At the end of the day, neither doubt nor hubris should cloud one’s judgment.