Confirming Manual Focus


I have always relied on autofocus in a variety of situations. But lately, I have realised the importance of manual focus and how it can be much faster and more accurate in certain situations. However, I do not know how to ascertain whether I have achieved focus. Please help.
Ravi Kiran, Mumbai

When you rotate the focusing ring, the subject gradually moves into focus. In digital SLRs, when you have achieved focus, there is a beep that confirms this, and a green dot blinks in the viewfinder. The way the camera identifies your intended subject is that it checks what part of the frame the AF point is set on. There are certain other aids. Certain lenses have distance scales that are especially useful when focusing to infinity while capturing low light landscapes. You can also use this scale if you are using a narrow aperture and wish to use the concept of hyperfocal distance to get everything in your frame sharp.

Certain cameras, especially mirrorless ones, have technologies like Zoom Assist and focus peaking, both of which help you fine tune focus manually. Read your camera’s manual to be fully aware of the possibilities. If you own a few MF lenses, it may also be worth investing in a viewfinder screen, which makes it much quicker to achieve MF accurately.

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