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Supriya Joshi
tweets about how Twitter can be a great tool for your photography business, apart from being a lot of fun.

Twitter has become a go-to social media network for a lot of people. But did you know that you, as a photographer, can use it to do great things with your business? In the spirit of the website, here are the secrets to harnessing the power of Twitter, in 140 characters or less.

An Interesting Bio
What one sees on your Twitter profile first is your bio, so make it interesting! You have 160 characters, so utilise them to the best.

Talk to Clients
Twitter can replace email, if you think about it. You can communicate with your clients on an immediate and personal level using Twitter.

Make Contacts
Twitter lets you be in direct contact with your fellow photographers. You can network with the big guys as well as establish new contacts.

Showcase your Portfolio
You can use Twitter to display your work. Post photos regularly. It will reach a wider audience and make more people aware of your work.

#Don’t #Hashtag #Everything #On #Twitter!

Sell Your Work
Twitter is a great place to hold an online auction. Your work will receive exposure, and you will also be able to make some money with ease.

Integrate All Social Media
Twitter can be a hub for your social activities. You can make people aware of all the media you are on.

Participate in Contests
Several Twitter handles hold contests. Participate in them and you can win some good merchandise!

Sponsor Giveaways
Generate interest in your handle through contests to give away prizes.

RT = ReTweet DM = Direct Message #FF = Follow Friday

Keep Tweets in Check
Tweet frequently, but don’t spam. Too many tweets can look unprofessional.

Interact with Followers
If you are starting a new photo project, involve your followers in it. Ask for their opinions, or simply ask them to participate.

Live Updates
While working on assignments, live tweet them! It will make your followers curious about your work.

No Fighting!
Do not pick fights with your fellow tweeters. It is a waste of time and it can be harmful for your image.

Find Assignments
Keep an eye out for people who require services that fall under your expertise and you can offer help. This way, you can book assignments.

Use Hashtags
Hashtags allow you to keep abreast with people sharing their views on a certain topic. Use them wisely.

A Teaching Tool
Share the knowledge you have amassed about photography with your followers—it will increase your credibility.

Be Patient
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your follower count. Mastering Twitter takes a lot of time and patience.

Just Have Fun!
Like any other social media website, Twitter is a form of self expression. Have some fun with it!

Whom to Follow?

Photographers:  Some of the best photographers are on Twitter. Here are the handles you should follow:

1. @chasejarvis: Chase Jarvis
2. @strobist: David Hobby
3. @JoeMcNallyPhoto: Joe McNally
4. @davidalanharvey: David Alan Harvey
5. @FotoWala: Sephi Bergerson
6. @PicSeshu: Seshu
7. @zarias: Zack Arias
8. @chromasia: David J Nightingale
9. @maheshbhat: Mahesh Bhat
10. @photowallah: Ritesh Uttamchandani
11. @StacyPearsall: Stacy Pearsall
12. @bmoorevisuals: Brad Moore

Others: A list of what makes Twitter fun!

1. @petapixel: A photoblog for the Web 2.0 generation!
2. @pdnonline: Breaking photography news
3. @PhotoshopTips: Tips, tricks and tools of Photoshop
4. @Photojojo: Making photography awesome
5. @reuterspictures: Photos from the news agency
6. @PopPhoto: Dedicated to all things photography
7. @nikonrumors: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire
8. @Alltop_Photo: Photography news from
9. @LIFE: A comprehensive collection of iconic images
10. @NatGeoPhotos: Images from around the world
11. @digitalrev: Tweets of the popular YouTube channel
12. @MagnumPhotos: The works of legends
13. @betterphoto: That’s us!

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