Capture Tiny Creatures


The world is filled with creatures big and small, and it is a fulfilling experience to photograph them. Sometimes, we are confronted with such creatures on a daily basis, yet do not think about photographing them.

I made this image from the eye level of this unusual frog sitting on a bucket. Photograph/Arpan Mukherjee

These tiny frogs used to come into my bathroom during the rainy season. Using only a Canon EOS 450D, the onboard flash and an 18–55mm kit lens, I was able to photograph this tiny thing.

The gear that you use is not important, but context is. The frog’s eyes and the texture of its skin were of essence. So, the composition was made to bring out these characteristcs. When it comes to small creatures, it is best to prefocus your lens before they enter the frame.

In the end, the image is what matters… remember to ask yourself what has made you photograph a particular frame. Even the simplest of gear will allow you to create stunning macro photographs.

—Arpan Mukherjee