Camera Vs Cellphone


Does the future of the camera lie in DSLRs/ mirrorless or will it be replaced by cellphones?

Answer by: Chirodeep Chaudhuri, Photographer
Cellphones cannot “replace” DSLRs. Certainly, in the future, users of the former will be greater. But why should it concern a photographer, if he is surrounded by a sea of mobile phones or DSLRs? In the end, the device doesn’t matter. The creator of an image still has to think what he needs to use to solve a particular photographic problem.

Think about it… Would your cellphone replace the 600mm telephoto you use to photograph sports? Or wildlife? No! Did the 35mm “replace” the large format cameras? No! But in the hands of a creative mind, the phone will be another powerful tool. Recently, a fashion magazine’s cover, it seems, was photographed on a cellphone. It’s really not important that a phone was used. That should be of interest to marketing men. The question for photographers and editors, however, would be whether that photograph worked.

This article originally appeared in the June 2019 issue of Better Photography.