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Should I clean the sensor of my DSLR by myself or should I get it done professionally? I bought the camera two years ago and have not serviced it since. Also, how often should one get the camera serviced?
Avinash Ghorpade, Pune, via email

This story was originally published in December 2014.

There is an internal cleaning function in most DLRs that use ultrasonic vibrations to shake the dust off the sensor. It is enabled from the main menu. If you have stubborn dirt or dust on the sensor that does not go away using this dust cleaning function, we would strongly advise you to give it to an authorised service centre rather than try cleaning it yourself. The slightest mistake can permanently damage your camera. If you are a careful user of your camera and keep it clean, you really do not need to get the camera serviced unless you feel something is not working right.

On the other hand, it makes sense to give the camera for a quick check-up just before its warranty expires. You can increase the functional life of your camera by keeping it clean and dust-free with a good cleaning kit. Use a blower to dislodge dust in the mirror well, without touching the nozzle of the blower onto the mirror or any part of the camera. Hold the camera body upside down when you do this, so that the dust moves out. Do this regularly to prevent heavy particles of dust from getting on the sensor.

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