Camera Managed to Capture Light Emitted 12 Billion Years Ago!

Image Source: McDonald Observatory

Image Source: McDonald Observatory

This story was originally published in September 2014.

Every photographer knows that once the moment has passed, it cannot be recreated to photograph. But on April 19 2014, something extraordinary from the past—around 12 billion years ago—was photographed.

The light rays from one of the most fierce explosions to have taken place in our universe was discovered and photographed by a telescope,the ROTSE-IIIb, which is owned by the Southern Methodist University, Texas, United States. There are only four such telescopes in the world.

A 4.2MP camera with a back-illuminated sensor was connected to this high-end telescope. The result was a low resolution image that will give scientists vital information to help them gain a better understanding of the universe.

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