Brand New Camera


I have a major assignment coming up and plan to buy a new camera a day before the shoot. This will be my first high-end, full frame camera. Any tips to keep in mind?
Shyam Desai, Mumbai, via email

In one word, don’t. Don’t buy a new camera a day or two before a major assignment. Ideally, you should either get the camera much beforehand, or shoot the assignment with the current camera that you have.

Every camera has certain nuances. High-end DSLRs, especially, have a bunch of features and functionality that you will be encountering for the first time, considering you have only used entry-level cameras so far. What button does what, how can you customise the behaviour, at what level does image quality deteriorate are all valid points that you need to be well versed with, before using the camera for an important assignment.

The journey from APS-C to full frame, too, is not easy. If f/8 allows you to get the background sharp while shooting on an APS-C camera, you may need f/11 or narrower to get the same effect on full frame. Similarly, if the resolution of the camera is higher, you will need to be more critical about focusing. You may need to fine tune the AF of your existing lenses (assuming that you will use them, and not new ones, with your new camera).

These are just a few things. The list is endless. It perhaps begins and ends with reading your new camera’s manual thoroughly. This is why it is crucial that you buy it at least a week before your assignment, if not more.

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