Book Review: Vietnam, A Mosaic of Contrasts



Vietnam, A Mosaic of Contrasts is the culmination of French photographer Réhahn’s trips across the Vietnamese countryside, where he visited more than 40 villages over the span of eight years. While the book is not completely diverse in its representation of Vietnam, it certainly does paint a serene picture of the rural landscape.

The hardcover book is divided into four sections—Childhood, Elderly, Life Style and Landscapes. The first two consist of portraits while the two latter sections showcase scenes from the lives of Vietnamese villagers.

The portraits in the sections Elderly and Childhood are a mixed bag of colour and black and white photographs. Some of them are tender, sweet and sensitively photographed, while others left me feeling a little unsatisfied. On the brighter side, the Landscapes and Life Style section of the book speak of a joyous Vietnam. Villagers go about their daily lives and Réhahn has managed to photograph some truly stunning sights.

As I reached the end of the photobook, I found that it could have been divided into two books consisting of portraits in one and the landscapes in the other. I enjoyed the landscapes and idyllic street scenes far more than I did the portraits, but overall the book made me want to pack my bags, head to Vietnam and just lose myself in the countryside there.

Title: Vietnam, Mosaic of Contrasts
Authors: Réhahn
ISBN: 978-604-936-436-5
Publisher: Nhà xuất bản thời đại
Price: 11,50,000 VD (approx. Rs. 3300)

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