A Dream in the Forest


You need a relatively slow shutterspeed such as 1/2sec or even 1sec for a blur technique such as this. Photograph/Anant Agarwal

Sharpness is one factor that we keep judging our images on. However, I love playing with blurs. I feel they add their own charm to an image. This photo of trees in the woods was photographed with the help of a blur technique. While facing the trees, I simply moved the camera upwards during the exposure. This made the trees seem as if they were melting or moving. Such camera shake techniques often lend a painting-like quality to images. However, if you want your images to look like paintings, you also need to pay attention to the colours in the frame. Pastels colours always make for an appealing picture. Green trees with bright coloured flowers or even the sunset reflecting in the water can provide you with interesting colour palettes.

While this deliberate camera shake technique works particularly well with natural elements like landscapes and trees, you can experiment with people in your frame as well. One way to do this is by walking with your camera during the exposure.

— Anant Agarwal