8 Coffeetable Album Marketing Ideas For Wedding Photographers


On the occasion of the call for entries to Better Photography Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards 2014-2015, Mazda Imaging brings to you 8 Coffeetable Photobook Album ideas to make your clients remember you.

Albums are a quintessential part of wedding photography. And yet, to ensure that an album becomes a powerful marketing tool for your practice calls for a bit of innovative thinking. Here are 10 easy ways to ensure that the album works for you after it has been delivered to your customer.

1. Always Push The Idea Of A Coffeetable Book Album Through
Especially as a beginner in wedding photography, most photographers do not include an album in the overall budgets of a wedding assignment to make the costs seem lower. This is not a particularly good idea. When images are only in digital form, they lie there forgotten, after a while. Besides, hard drives have an inevitable tendency to crash and lose data.

An album is that one physical presence that gets the family to remember the photographer every time it is opened. Besides, pictures always look resplendent in print in a manner that can never be replicated on a computer screen.

2. Never Compromise On The Quality Of A Coffeetable Album Book
Whether it is a small, inexpensive album or a large one, quality of design, print and binding is paramount. You do not want the binding coming apart after a year and the client remembering you for the wrong reasons. Poorly printed albums can fade over time.

Companies like Mazda Imaging have a long history of excellence in printing and servicing high-end professional photographers. They have done significant research and tests to ensure that their albums retain quality after years of use. In fact, the archival quality of their albums ensure that they don’t fade or tear even after several decades of frequent use.

3. Offer Customers A Choice
Albums come in many sizes, number of pages and with a variety of covers and in different formats. In order to offer a choice, you need to have a few samples to show people what you are talking about. These sample albums not only becomes a great portfolio of your own work, but they also usually get your customers to spend on a nicer, bigger album too.

4. Offer To Make Two Albums Instead Of One
This makes logical sense. The main wedding cofeetable photobook album can be ornately embellished and filled with many, many photographs from all the happenings from the wedding. This would be the album that is handed down the  generations.

A second, smaller, handy album, with fewer selected, well edited images could be one that is portable, and easily removed and viewable on any occasion.

5. Help Your Customers Select And Customise Albums To Their Liking
Once the wedding is done, spend a few hours with the families to select their favourite photographs and decide on a nice layout for their albums. They will be happier for it.

In fact, Mazda offers many easy to work with, dignified layouts and templates that are attractive, and makes this job easy for a photographer. As a wedding photographer, you can even ensure that you have some sales to show.

6. Go The Extra Mile… Caption The Images In The Album
The occasion on which a set of photos have been made and the date becomes the standard common part of the caption and can be repeated. Along with this, it is easy to simply put in the names of the people in the photos for remembrance. Apart from captions, make the album fun by putting in small but interesting descriptions or the wedding, and even a few quotes.

7. A Year Later, Make A Special Anniversary Gift
When you edit the photos to give to your customers, keep a small set of 20 wonderful portraits of the couple and their families separately or differently edited. This set should not appear in the main wedding album. A year later, on their anniversary, make a special present to the family. Present them with a small but beautiful album of these pictures. They will be pleasantly surprised and remember you for this gesture.

8. Ensure You Are Remembered
Do this by publishing your name as the photographer and album creator in a small but visible part of the first or last page of the albums that you make for tour customers. You can also put in a small portrait of yourself and your logo along with it, and the name of your website and contact details.

Finally, remember that your photography, quality of interaction with the family, and the services you have done your customers will get you your next set of clients. A beautiful, well-produced, well thought out album goes a very, very long way towards this.

Wedding Photography is a sublime art and photographers are the center of it. Participate in India’s biggest wedding photography awards, Better Photography Photographer of the Year Awards 2014-2015 and win the recognition you deserve. Plus, you stand a chance to win some exciting prizes from Mazda Imaging!

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