Artist Statement


Is there a prescribed format for an artist statement?

Answer by: Vinod Babu, Photographer

Artist statements are generally needed to express the meaning and purpose behind your work. While writing it, the first thing you need is ‘clarity of thought’ on the submitted work. We need to understand the purpose behind the submission, and who the target audience is—viewers, jurors, or critics. Self-questioning and reasoning are very much needed. Write a lot. This is where ‘free writing’ comes in. Write continuously whatever you want to convey. Editing can happen later. Also, avoid writing extremely short statements.

An artist statement, in simple words, should answer ‘what you’ve made and why you’ve made it’. Few points that can be included in your statement are:

  • What is your artist story?
  • What does art mean to you?
  • How and why do you make it?
  • What inspires you and why?
  • How does your art fit in the contemporary world?

Don’t follow any formats available on websites, as it will end up resembling everyone else’s statement. After writing, do not compare your statements with others. Their objectives and thoughts will not align with yours.

Keep it short, simple and to the point. Most importantly, believe in yourself, your art, and never cease the honesty in your work, as it all begins from there!