Developing a Style


Is there a way to develop a certain style in my photography, and how I edit it?

Answer by: Hashim Badani, Editorial Photographer

Make images/videos as often as you can, wherever you are, and of whatever you want. Use your DSLR, your phone, or any other tool you deem fit or have access to. Allow this to let you find your voice. It will take some time, be patient. Combine that with watching good cinema, as well as other genres of art, including photography. This might all seem like generic advice, but a combination of these elements will lead to developing a style of work that you will call your own.

The process of editing your image begins way before you open it in Lightroom or Photoshop. It commences when you decide on the narrative or mood you want to lend the photograph. It will dictate the time of the day you make the image. Dawn or dusk for those blue hues, or evenings for those warm sepia tones. Whether you want the image to exist in the shadows or you are aiming for the highlights, will dictate how you expose for it. By the time you reach the edit table, you should already know the tones and hues you want to exemplify.

This image is from a fashion story revolving around a day in the life of the protagonist, commissioned by Vogue India. Here, she is returning from a night out. Since a sense of the night ending was important to the narrative, I photographed her at dawn with this tone. Photograph/Hashim Badani for Vogue India