10 Best Cameras for a Wedding Assignment


Do you wish to take up wedding photography personally? Raj Lalwani tells you which are the best cameras that you can get, based on the kind of imagery that you personally prefer.

There are a few important factors you must consider before deciding what camera you are using in an upcoming shoot. Unlike popular perception, this is not a decision about what brand produces better quality than the other. It’s about which specific model serves your need and suits your style better than the other.

Making the Right Choice
The following camera choices include ones that are at a very high price point, and others that are a bargain. A majority of these products are officially sold in India, while others like the GoPro Hero 4 and the Panasonic LX100, aren’t available for sale as yet.

The Nikon D810 and Pentax K-3 are noteworthy omissions that almost made it to our list. The D810’s 36MP files give incredibly opportunity for some heavy cropping, but for a wedding photographer who shoots a number of images every day, 36MP RAW files can become a nightmare.

You can get great shots without costly gear, but the right camera will go a long way in making your job easier.

Comparing Lens Systems
Ask yourself if any company has a specific piece of optics that the others don’t. For example, do you plan to use the 85mm f/1.2? Then, you will need to use a Canon body, as Nikon and Sony simply don’t have a similar option.

Similarly, is there a certain feature where one company heavily scores over the other? If 4k is huge on your wedding video team’s priority, you would rather invest in Sony or Panasonic.

It’s not just about what camera is best. Are you comfortable enough with it? There is no point in hiring or buying a camera just a day before a big wedding, and then struggling on the day of the shoot trying to figure out the controls. You might as well spend some extra money on rentals and get the camera beforehand, but you should be absolutely well versed with it.

Practical Reasons
Are you collaborating with a bunch of people who prefer a certain kind of ergonomics? The f/2.8 zoom lenses of most major companies are usually available for hire, but when it comes to the specialised, rarer lenses, some cities lean towards keeping only Canon rentals, while others lean towards keeping only Nikon. Since your budgets will not allow you to own every lens that you wish to use, the availability of rentals plays a huge role in deciding which system to invest in.

Finally, remember, the equipment you use also plays a minor role in branding. Clients get impressed at seeing a larger camera, it’s a sad reality, but one that you will need to deal with, especially if you wish to go against the tide in some of your choices.

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