Getting Back to Yokohama: A White Tokyo Greets Us


Here’s what our Chief Editor, K M Pillai had to say:

“What began as a light snowfall is now turning into a veritable blizzard. The scene outside Nikon HQ, at Nishioi Station, after meeting Mr Tetsuro Goto, is… a world of white. In fact, at the Nikon HQ, they had asked their employees to leave hours ago because of the snow. It was really nice of Mr Goto (the man who created the Nikon Df), Toru Uematsu (Manager of Communications Strategy) and Ms Tatsuya Sakai (Accounts Executive with Kyodo Public Relations) to stay back just for us.

Outside, once our meeting was done. It is quite lovely really. I cannot feel my ears anymore and my hands are losing sensation as well. And we have just heard that the trains are running late, with several lines stopping completely. Ronald McDonald seems to be quite content with our interesting situation.”

Take a look at this video which features our Technical Editor Shridhar Kunte, Our Chief Editor K M Pillai of course and a guy named Ronald Mcdonald.

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