WPOY 2011: A Showcase of Bridal Portraiture Category


At every wedding it is the bride who steals all the attention and is the limelight of the day. After all she is the most beautiful person during the entire course of the wedding functions.

Bipin Mistry, a veteran 63-year-old wedding photographer was the judge for this category in 2011 . Today, after decades, this down-to-earth photographer feels that wedding photography was a good career choice. Apart from being a professional wedding photographer, he has also guided hundreds of students in the nuances of this field.

S L Anand, Winner of Bridal Portraiture category, 2011.

S L Anand, Winner of Bridal Portraiture category, 2011.

About the Winner
S L Anand realised his passion for photography in 1994, when he was in college. It took some effort to convince his parents of this profession, but once it was all clear, he has never looked back since. His co-contestants refer to him as Quick Gun Murugan because of the speed and precision with which he make pictures.”I believe in luck as well as being prepared for every type of situation. In this image, I was standing right behind the stage, found an unusual angle, and decided to quickly make an image. As soon as I took this shot, the lights of the venue switched off and the rest of the hall was left in complete darkness!”
-S L Anand


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