Our First Views of Beautiful Tokyo

The Better Photography team (Deputy Editor – Technical, Shridhar Kunte, and I) reached Tokyo to witness its worst snowstorm in 40 years. The least time I had come here, the weather was so fine that I saw Mount Fuji from Tokyo on all five days of my trip, something which the Japanese say is very rare… and very lucky.
This reminded me of the kind of contrasts that make up Tokyo. Old world charm and the pinnacle of technology comes together in a unique blend that is not visible anywhere else in the world. A love for the arts and a quest for perfection marks almost everything one sees around. An incredibly courteous people, Japan is the world’s most polite country. Everyone seems to be helpful by nature. If there is a place you must visit the next time you vacation at an international destination, make it Japan, and spend at least five days experiencing Tokyo.
Today is Day 1 of CP+. We do not know what to expect, But I am quite excited. The lineup looks rather exciting. We will keep you posted as the day progresses.
– K Madhavan Pillai, Chief Editor, Better Photography
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