The Passerby, an Exhibition by Four Renowned Indian Photographers, is on Display at PHOTOINK


Photograph/Sooni Taraporevala

PHOTOINK presents The Passerby, an exhibition of black and white street photography from the archives of Ketaki Sheth, Pablo Bartholomew, Raghu Rai and Sooni Taraporevala. Spanning the 1970s-2000, these photographs offer a view of the golden period of street photography in India.

Being one of the most practised genres in photographic history, it carries the potential to transcend the conflicts of the times and present conditions of civil society as it evolves. Viewed through the lens of some of India’s most acclaimed photographers, the street is simultaneously a menagerie, a performative space, a place of repose and quiet revelations. This exhibition examines the street as a site of their engagement and encounter with the passerby.

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Date: 22nd April to 26 June

Venue: PHOTOINK, New Delhi