The 2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards


The Competition: EyeEm’s vision is to discover, support and promote a new generation of artists. It is also dedicated in its pursuit to protecting and promoting photographer rights.

Categories: The Portraitist, the Explorer, the Illusionist, the Architect, the Street Photographer, the Illuminator, the Speedster, the Landscapist, the Storyteller and the Stylist.

Prizes: The EyeEm Photographer of the Year will win a 2-round-trip flights and accommodation to attend its festival in Berlin.


Deadline: 1 July 2014.

Tags: 2014 EyeEm Festival and Awards, Architect, Berlin, Call for entries, Competition, Events, Explorer, Illuminator, Illusionist, Landscapist, Portraitist, Speedster, Storyteller, Street photographer, Stylist