Register: Canon Photomarathon 2017 (New Delhi Edition)


Canon is all set to host its newest edition of its exciting Photomarathon, on 18 November in New Delhi. The contest is a unique one wherein the theme is announced on the spot, and participants are expected to shoot within a certain duration. Two themes will be announced through the day and participants will be given two hours to execute their ideas. It’s a great exercise in endurance and creativity, and participants are often seen pushing themselves to make the most ingenious photographs.

The event will take place at the JLN Indoor Auditorium, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Those who miss the online registration deadline can still submit their details at the venue on Saturday for Rs. 500.

One lucky winner will receive the opportunity to travel to Japan for Canon’s one-of-a-kind Photo Clinic. Along side the contest, there will be photography workshops, free service camps, product showcases and even a rock band performance, at the end of the day.
To register for it, click here.

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