New Pro Lenses from Olympus – Supertelephoto, Ultrawide



The ever-expanding lineup of Micro Four Thirds lenses just gets better. Olympus preannounced two pro lenses at CP+, one of which is the M.Zuiko Digital ED 300mm f/4 Pro, and the other, the M.Zuiko Digital ED 7–14mm f/2.8 Pro.

This brings the total number of pro zoom lenses in Olympus’ MFT lineup to four that is, the follows:

  1. The 7–14mm f/2.8 (14–28mm equivalent) that will ship in 2015. It isthe second ultrawide zoom in the Micro Four Thirds lineup, after the much older Panasonic 7–14mm f/4.
  2. The 300mm f/4 (600mm equivalent), which is the first high-end telephoto offering from the system.
  3. The already announced 40–150mm f/2.8 lens (80–300mm equivalent). It will start shipping late this year.
  4. The currently available 12–40mm f/2.8 lens (24–80mm equivalent), a fantastic lens that has also won the BP Exellence Award for the Best Pro Mirrorless Lens.


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