Anna Konda by Katarzyna Mazur

Photograph/ Katarzyna Mazur

Photograph/ Katarzyna Mazur

Venue: Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata

Duration: 28 April – 19May

The Ostkreuz School has carefully chosen and curated a series of exhibitions by young German photographers, aimed at increasing the appreciation of photography as an art form, and to highlight the work of young photographers from Germany.

The series is onto its second exhibition called Anna Konda by Katarzyna Mazur, which will remain on view till 19 May. Katarzyna was born and raised in a small town in Poland, and began by taking black and white photographs. Her series features female fighters from Berlin. She says, “During my research I came across women who worship their bodies. They nourish, form and toughen them. Their motivations are as diverse as those women’s personalities are. It may be their statement about the modern perception of women, their proof for the unity of femininity and strength, yet at the same time their instrument to be seen and desired.” All the exhibits by the German photographers will be displayed at the Max Mueller Bhavan in Kolkata.

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