Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015


The Competition: Since its inception in 1969, the Nikon Photo Contest has been inviting amateur and professional photographers from around the world to share their photographs. This year, for the very first time the Nikon Photo Contest will be accepting entries shot from any digital device, even your cameraphone.

Theme: Home

Categories: Still Photography and Video. There are four sub-categories under Still Photography:
Category A: Single photo
Category B: Photo story (2-5 images)
Category C: Open theme, single photo
Category D: Open theme, photo story (2-5 images)

There are two sub-categories under Video:
Category E: Video should be between 6-180 seconds in length
Category F: Open theme, (6-180 seconds) 

Prizes: One winner from the photography and video category will receive a trophy, an award certificate, and Nikon products equivalent to 10,00,000 yen (approx. Rs. 56,019) and 5,00,000 yen (approx. Rs. 2,80,620) in cash. The winners will also get a chance to showcase their portfolio on the contest’s website.
Also, each sub-category winner will be awarded a trophy, an award certificate, and Nikon products equivalent to 5,00,000 yen and the opportunity to display their portfolios on the contest’s website.


Deadline: 15 December

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