A Night Car Ride Through Tokyo


We traveled from Akihabara to Yokohama with Max Morishita, Director, Kenko Tokina Imaging India Pvt. Ltd.,¬†who was kind enough to take us in his car all the way to our hotel. Most people in Tokyo use GPS to move around, as you can see Max do while driving us to our destination. To a first time visitor, the streets of Tokyo can be a little daunting, because road names and building numbers are not immediately visible. Luckily, Google maps works well here, and it’s fairly detailed.

Our ride at night starts within the parking lot of Yodobashi Akiba, where the three of us had gone to browse through the audio section of the electronics supermarket. The range, prices and the variety boggled the mind. Both Shridhar and I are closet audiophiles, with gaping holes in our pockets when it comes to this place.

The streets of Tokyo at night are alive and buzzing with activity. The traffic is extremely disciplined, and the roads are as photogenic as the cityscapes. Here is what Tokyo looks like from a first person’s perspective, through a car’s windshield.

– K Madhavan Pillai, Chief Editor, Better Photography



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