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Rajtilak Naik

Photograph/Rajtilak Naik

Have you ever wished for a quick checklist that can help you while shooting a wedding? Well, here are a few basic ideas that can help you get through the most challenging of wedding assignments.

Before the Wedding
Since weddings allow you no retakes, you should do your preparation before the event itself. Ask the family for a detailed plan of the event flow and any special highlights of any ceremony. Also, ask them to show you any photographs of the most important people in the extended family. This will help you recognise a particular aunt who may be the bride’s favourite. Visit the venue of the wedding beforehand, so that you can analyse the kind of lighting. Note down the various location opportunities and any potential difficulties that you may face.

Blend in
People attend weddings to celebrate, spend time with the couple and catch up with the rest of the family, and not to have an aggressive photographer thrusting a large camera into their face all the time. Blend in, either by befriending those you are shooting, or even by wearing similar attire.

Go Easy With Equipment
You do not need to carry all the heavy lenses that you own. A wide angle lens and a normal lens are a great combination to cover the entire wedding. A normal lens, particularly, is quite small and does not intimidate anyone.

Work in Groups
However good a photographer you may be, you should always work in groups. This is because of two reasons. First, Indian weddings are extremely grand and there is a lot of activity happening simultaneously. The bride may be getting ready in one room, the groom may be waiting for her impatiently and the couple’s parents may be talking rather animatedly—all at the same time.

Partners or assistants will help you cover every part of the wedding. Also, it is useful if each of you shoots in a different style. One could be a specialist at portraits, the other may be good at group shots, while the third person could be great at capturing candids. This will help give the client some variety as it would be three different ways of looking at the same event!

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