The Magic of Cotton Showcase

Winner of the first prize: This picture captures a woman working in a maufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu, producing medical cotton bandages. This is perhaps one of the most important uses of cotton. The framing, expression and the white texture all worked extremely well together. Photograph/Senthil Kumaran, Designer, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

The Winner of Magic of Cotton. Photograph/Senthil Kumaran

After a month of deliberation and an opportunity to view some fantastic photographs, we announced the winners of The Magic of Cotton Photography Contest. Here is a look at the best of them.

Spools of thread, multi-coloured curtains, traditional costumes, faded jeans, socks, bed linen, bales of vibrant fabrics, all have one element in common—they are all made from cotton. Cotton is an essential commodity, yet one that remains humble and often taken for granted. That is why Cotton Council International put forth ‘The Magic of Cotton Photography Contest’, to highlight the special meaning that cotton has for all of us! We received over 2000 entries from all over India, over which we spent days and days of deliberation. But the top three entries were unanimous, along with the eight honourable mentions. Here is a look at the very best of them.

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