Latest technology and practical application of Epson technology on display.


From high-end professional photographers to consumers with a desire to print out high-quality photos at home, Epson has printing solutions photographers across all genres. And at their stall in photokina, they are doing exactly that. Epson is offering practical application demonstrations of products in use.

One of these demonstrations will take place using Epsons new digital dry lab, the SureLab SL-D3000, which has been developed for on-demand print services in traditional minilab retail environments. During the show, the SureLab will be printing out greetings cards for UNICEF, which visitors can buy and all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF directly. Faces of Photokina will also be a core theme for Epson during the show, where professional photographers will aim to take portrait photos of 1000 visitors to the Epson booth and display them as a gallery of images, which will be signed and stamped with Epsons Digigraphie label.

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