Interesting Exhibits at the Trade Show—Part 2



Artist: Raymond Clement from Nature's Luxembourg. Image Source/ photokina-World of Imaging

Artist: Raymond Clement from Nature’s Luxembourg. Image Source/ photokina-World of Imaging

(A continuation of  Interesting Exhibits at the Trade Show—Part 1)

Eilat Red Sea – World Shoot-Out
The exhibition shows the best works from the competitions Eilat Red Sea which is the annual underwater photography contest and The World Shoot-Out photo contest—that takes place worldwide in the month of August.

German Young Photographer Prize: New young worlds of pictures
The German Young Photographer Prize will display 2012’s  best pictures that bring out a feeling for life and a passion for photography. The exhibition covers the pictures  of participants aged between four and 25 years old. Along with this, highlights from over 50-year history of the competition will also be on display.

UNICEF photo of the year
Titled Children: The Future in the Present, UNICEF Germany will highlight photographs and articles submitted to the international UNICEF Photo of the Year competition. The exhibition is being held at photokina for the sixth time. Award winning images of 2010 and 2011 will also be a part of the exhibit.

Cyclist exhibition brought from Zingst to Cologne
Photographer Ralf Baumgarten’s photo project Cyclists showcases pictures of cyclists in Germany and China. The exihbition will be shown in an open-air installation at photokina. The large format prints have been made weatherproof  Epson, which laminated the pictures with Neschen films.

Space and Time
The Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) and the German Association for Photography (DVF) will for the first time exhibit pictures that successful GermanDVF photographers have submitted for the FIAP title in the past two years.

Pictures without borders
ILFORD Imaging Switzerland and IMAGO1:1, have come together to present works that were created using  a wide variety of techniques and unusual materials.  Photographers taking part in the exhibition will be present at the fair and will provide information as to how they made their pictures.

GDT-European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012
Every year, the Society of German Nature Photographers organises the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest. The aim of the contest is to create an awareness for nature conservation through photography. Works can be submitted in eight broad categories. These range from portraits, behavioural studies and action scenes to critical portrayals of the way we treat the environment and experimental photography.

Nature’s Luxembourg
Raymond Clement displays 40 captivating large-format colour pictures at the fair that depict steep slopes in Luxembourg’s Ardennes region, as well as forests, streams, meadow valleys, and floral details.  Clement uses lines and patterns to create unique images.

Terra3-Frank Sirona, Bernhard Edmaier, and Stephan Zirwes
Terra3 in a triple exhibition involving three photographers. While Frank Sirona’s images are characterised by simple shapes and unusual lighting conditions, Bernhard Edmaier’s pictures show different patterns in nature with a scientific eye. Stephan Zirwes documents the transformation of our home planet.

INTERMOT- world of motorcycles
The German Motorcycle Industry Association and fotocommunity jointly organised a photography competition devoted to the theme of motorcycles. The organizers were mainly interested in photos that evoke the feeling of riding a motorcycle or scooter. The best photos submitted for the competition will be exhibited at photokina.


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