India Film Project is Back!



Earlier known as the Ahmedabad Film Project, the India Film Project is back with its sixth edition. The project is a platform for all the emerging and amateurs filmmakers to showcase their talent by creating a film in 50 hours. The 50 hours will include coming up with a fantastic script, selecting the best locations and the artists for portrayal, top notch editing and background score to finally deliver the best of your creative movie making abilities. With eminent directors like Vetri Maaran, Nagesh Kukunoor, Madhur Bhandarkar and  Sriram Raghavan as the jury members, this contest, one of a kind backs the section of new age filmmakers who are about to begin their movie-making journey.

From making 86 films in 48 hours in the debut year, IFP witnessed the creation of more than 610 films in 50 hours in 2015. Today, India Film Project finds its core of being in this very game changing advancement by giving the participants 50 hours to make films from pan-Asia. “The idea, perpetually, is to encourage and promote buds that belong to ‘no film school’ yet have immense visual sense. Shooting with the DSLR thus became the key feature at the IFP. We have added a category of mobile film-making from this year”, says Ritam Bhatnagar, the director at IFP, as he is set to release its 6th edition in a few days.

Apart from this competition, IFP will also include film festival, workshops, master class, panel discussions and cinema exhibitions. Participants will also get a chance to interact with various versatile and award-winning directors and film critics.

Watch out for the festival as it open its doors in a couple of days. For participating in IFP, register here.

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