In Conversation with Amit Saraf about IIPVTF 2014

Amit Saraf  MD, IMS Mercantiles Pvt Ltd

Amit Saraf
MD, IMS Mercantiles Pvt Ltd

At the IIPVF 2014, IMS Mercantiles is looking to connect with consumers and distributors and launching new products.

Over the years, the India International Photo-Video Trade Fair has become a premier destination for manufacturers and distributors to showcase their products, and most importantly to connect with the audience present.

New Products Galore
This year, IMS Mercantiles is launching a few new products. This includes two studio flashlights, a tripod and a monopod as well. Our key products have been batteries and chargers, and visitors will get a chance to have a hands-on experience with the products. Moreover, the feedback we receive from the visitors is very valuable to us, as it gives us an idea of what are the needs in the Indian photo market. We have been consciously participating in more local trade fairs, as it helps strengthen our distribution network as well.

Connecting with the Youth
The youth segment has become a very important in the photography sectors. We have a whole range of power banks that can be used to recharge cellphones of camera batteries on the go. We also have periodic activities on Facebook as well as Twitter to get in touch and connect with young photographers.

Going Global
The next step for IMS Mercantiles is to step onto the global platform. We are planning to start distribution in various countries abroad. This year, we are also participating in photokina and will set up an exhibition area there. We will also be exhibiting in trade fairs in Sri Lanka and Kenya as well.


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