Frame the Star—The Top 3 Videography Finalists!


After an intense selection process, the panel of judges comprising photographers Swapan Parekh, Amit Ashar, Prashant Godhbole and OVERDRIVE Editor-in-Chief, Bertrand D’souza, chose the following videographers as the top three finalists of Frame the Star 2016!

Hardik Patel

Director: Hardik Patel
DOP and Editor: Ritwik Sauntra

Sahil Shah

Director: Sahil Shah
DOP: Neha Parekh
Editor: Bhavesh Mishra and Datta More
Sangit Ghorpade 

DOP: Sangit Ghorpade and Nitin Rai
Producer: Nishikant Singh
Script Writer: Purnima Bali
Editor: Sangit Ghorpade

These three videographers will be competing against each other in the final round of Frame the Star 2016 to win the ultimate prize…

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