Fotorama Fest 2014


The Competition: The 2014 Fotorama Fest invites both professional and amateur photographers from around the world. This year Erika Larson, National Geographic Magazine photographer and expert; Natalia Taffarel, Adobe master class instructor and retoucher; Lucia Giacani, Vogue Italia fashion photographer and Ivana Kolakovic, CEO, Epson Serbia will constitute the jury.

Themes: N-Elements—Here photographers can capture the different elements of nature like water, earth, fire and air. The contest is looking for photographs that can portray the elements in their full power and beauty.

W-Change—This theme focuses on the environment and its people and how they are susceptible to change. Once again, the contest is looking out for photographs that show how people are changing the world around them.

E-Motions— The main motif of this theme is emotion in motion. Any photograph capturing movement in different shapes with bursts of energy and emotions is ideal.

Prizes: The winner of the best photograph from the contest will receive a Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Inkjet Printer and the winner of the best photograph in the individual categories will receive a Epson Inkjet Photo L800.


Deadline: 15 May 2014

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