Exclusive: Legendary Steve McCurry on Mumbai’s Cinema Stars!


He’s met them, photographed them all, and remembers them as artists and friends! From Anil Kapoor to Amitabh Bachchan, from Sanjay Dutt to Anupam Kher. The legendary Steve McCurry, in conversation with Better Photography’s K Madhavan Pillai and Shridhar Kunte, fondly remembers his experiences of living in Mumbai, and the specific instances of meeting the actors.

We met Steve at CP+, where he spent the morning conducting a workshop for Magnum. Shridhar Kunte grabbed this footage on the sly, but we are sure Steve McCurry will not mind us putting it up for our viewers in India.

We will also be putting up an exclusive interview with the legend in a while, where he talks about specific experiences of shooting in India, his love for the streets of the various cities around the country, and about his inspirations and thoughts on photography. Stay tuned to betterphotography.in.

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