Digital Postprocessing in Wedding Photography


Adobe’s Photography Virtual Series is conducting a two hour online session for all those who are interested in wedding photography. The session will be conducted by Neeta Shankar, Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer and Abhishek Mukherjee, Adobe expert.

Attendees of the session will gain from learning about key features like Basic, Tone Curve, Details, B&W and Lens Corrections Panel, Radial Filter and more. This will be followed by examples of images that were digitally enhanced using these features. Viewers will also learn how to manage their high collection of images and files by using Lightroom, how they can use Adobe Lightroom on the cellphone and several other tips and tricks that will enable them to make the most out of digitally processing their wedding photographs.  To register, click  here.

Webinar Details:
Date: 14 January
Time: 3pm-5pm

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