CEIF 2018 Welcomes Imaging Enthusiasts


Previously known as Photofair, CEIF is a major annual event. It is the leading expo in India for photographers and those in the photo finishing industry. CEIF is also the third largest electronic imaging show, attracting visitors from all over the world. According to AIPTIA’s President, Jayesh Mehta, CEIF 2018 is expecting to attract 250 exhibitors from the industry.

Participants include multinational companies, various photo studios and academies who will be displaying their latest digital cameras, video cameras, photo printers, studio lighting gear, photobooks and more.

Amongst them, Fujifilm India will be showcasing its products from its Photo Imaging, Image Capturing and Graphic Arts Division. Those visiting will get an opportunity to look at Fujifilm’s X Series range of mirrorless cameras, Instax range of instant cameras amongst other things. And Nikita Distributors will be launching a new range of camera bags, tripods, gimbal system, sekonic light meters, and the Godox AD600 Pro ETC.

The photographers, who are also a part of this event, will be exhibiting their work as well. Along with the exhibitions, AIPTIA will be conducting workshops and seminars for members and visitors, as well.

“The globalisation and democratisation in the availability, access and practice of photography and videography have made these arts quite unique. Today, almost anyone with the inclination can be a good visual artist and can make a statement. Technology has been a great enabler, but this would be a rather simplistic way to
put it. Breakthrough technologies get adopted, and the adopters then have an equal role in shaping not just the evolution of these technologies, but also the landscape of its use, over time.

I personally believe we are in the most exciting phase of that shift or movement, where we see some very relevant technologies mature, and new, innovative ones spring up to both challenge and support existing ideas and notions.

CEIF 2018 promises to showcase both cutting-edge products, and extremely innovative ones as well. And because technology and products are one side of the equation, the fair will also focus on education, and infotainment, with a number of workshops, and exhibitions.

It is the biggest expo of its kind in this side of the world and there will be a lot for everyone to see and explore, across spheres… students, amateurs, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals. And, some of the best bargains and deals of the year as well,” Jayesh Mehta said.

The current edition of CEIF will is being organised at the NSE Ground in Goregaon East, and will take place from 9-12 January 2018.