Sony WPO Awards–Mobile Phone Award


The Competition: The World Photography Organisation (WPO) has added a new award for cellphone photographs. The images have to be made between 27 January–27 February 2015 to be eligible for the Mobile Phone Award. An international panel of judges will create a shortlist of 20 images after which, the winning image will be decided via a public vote.

Theme: “You get out of life what you put in. Push past the obvious and see the inspiration all around you.  Discover the extraordinary by using your mobile phone to view the world through a different lens.”

Prizes: The first prize winner  will be flown to London to attend the Sony World Photography Awards 2015 ceremony and will also receive a Sony flagship Xperia smartphone and tablet. The second and third place winners will each receive flagship Sony Xperia smartphones.

Entry Fee: Participants can submit three photographs with the free account. 14.95 pounds (approx Rs. 1400 ) for an Advanced membership allows up to 8 images to be entered and 49.95 pounds (approx. Rs. 4700) for a Premium membership allows a submission of up to 20 images.


Deadline: 27 February

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