Photojaanic Photobook Grant 2016


13335793_1585907414766280_1164622176436593176_nThe Competition: Photojaanic has been contributing to the area of visual storytelling since 2007. This year, the Photojaanic Photobook Grant 2016 intends to support an exceptionally chronicled photo-story, through an inter-generational lens. The same anecdotes that have been embellishing the history are to be splashed out in color and figures. The grant will be awarded to a duo (example: grandparent/grandchild). It will provide an opportunity for the youngsters to muse over their history, and their elderly collaborators to indulge in reminiscence. They can trace their cultural, social or family history and the grant will back the making of such a book over project duration of 3 months.

Eligibility: Entries for the grant are open to the Indian residents and diaspora. Each team should include a student, professional or amateur photographer and a collaborator senior citizen.


Award: A cash prize of INR 25,000 along with design and print of the photobook. The winner will also be entitled to a self-publishing opportunity.

Deadline: 25 July 2016.

Results: 30 July 2016.


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