Bhavan Navpara Discusses Klick Digital Press’ Products

Bhavan Navpara Proprietor, Klick Digital Press

Bhavan Navpara
Proprietor, Klick Digital Press

Bhavan Navpara, Proprietor of  Klick Digital Press, speaks to Aditya Nair and Siddhi Desai about the unique products and plans of the company. 

Klick Digital Press has been based in Surat since 1993. We started with another name but in 2009 we began our journey as Klick Digital Press. We work on photobooks and photo albums. In fact, we have made the first embossed album in West India. We plan to establish our presence all over India in the coming  years.
We produce our embossed albums by first printing on an HP Indigo printer and then we laminate it and repeat the embossing. We use spot UV to give the album an aesthetically appealing and unique look. The embossed album has a completely different feel, it also has a particular shine to it. This is especially true for our customers who order wedding albums. Their final satisfaction is important to us and we strive to present them with a great album, that also makes an impact.
We have seen the biggest demand for these photobooks from the wedding industry. In my opinion, the past few years, wedding album printing has seen a 10-12% growth. In fact for us, about 60% of the demand is for the same. So in those terms the market is definitely booming.
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