Better Photography Workshops!


Every month Better Photography strives to bring you the best learning in photography. And now, it is time to bring you the Secrets of Photography first hand! Join us as we share secrets, tips, techniques and advice first hand to help you make the best picture every time you shoot.

What will you learn at the workshop?

  • The basics of camera settings and how to use them:
    Right from techniques to achieving perfect exposures for every situation, to the properties and uses of various focal lengths and flash know-how, this segment will brush up your basics and will provide new learning.
  • How to shoot creatively with your cellphone camera:
    The best camera is the one that you have on you, and with cellphone sensors getting more and more sophisticated, the time has come for us to understand the peculiarities of this medium and use them to our advantage.
  • DIY home studio tips and lighting techniques:
    From portrait lighting ideas, to budgeting and making your own home studio—discover all this and much more.
  • Understanding composition from over 100 photographs:
    A whole range of photographs that give tips, inspire and showcase specific techniques that can help you achieve similar compositions.
  • Learn from the works of great masters:
    The stalwarts of photography developed a distinct style and a method of telling stories that remains unique, regardless of the passage of time. View their seminal works, and discuss their techniques in this segment.

There will also be an extensive and personal Q & A session with the team. All workshops will be conducted in English. Registrations can be done online or via call or sms.

City & Date:

City Date To register online
Mumbai 26-Jul Click here
Bengaluru 9-Aug To be announced
Hyderabad 2-Aug Click here

Registration Fee:  Rs. 3000 per workshop, which includes 1 years free subscription to Better Photography + Lunch and refreshments + On-the-spot prizes

To Register: Call +919594999905

or SMS BPW to 51818

BONUS: Participate in our World Environment Day contest here. Three winners get to attend the workshop for FREE!!

UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Winners will be announced soon. Stay Tuned.


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