Adobe Photography Virtual Series


Click on the following links to view all the previous photography webinars conducted by masters of various genres:

Ajay Talwar: Landscapes at Night Photography

Ajay Talwar, an Indian Astro photographer talks on Landscapes at Night Photography, explaining everything about capturing Nightscapes and what goes in creating a beautiful image.

Photograph / Ajay Talwar

Photograph / Ajay Talwar


Gaurav Thombre: Automotive Photography

A passionate Automobile Photographer for a webinar on Automobile Photography. Playing with light and composition to take brilliant photos is something hardly anyone can better Gaurav at!

Photograph / Gaurav Thombre


Ajay Sood: Architectural Photography

MasterCraftsman Ajay Sood from talking on tips & tricks about Architectural Photography.

Ajay Sood

Photograph / Ajay Sood


Riddhi Parikh: Food Photography

Award winning photographer Riddhi Parikh discussed about distinguished ways of capturing stunning photographs of delectable cuisines

Photograph / Riddhi Parikh

Photograph / Riddhi Parikh


Shraddha Kadakia: Advertising Photography

“Corporate Clicker” – Shraddha Kadakia explains advertising photography in automobile, industrial, Corporate world.

Photograph / Shraddha Kadakia

Photograph / Shraddha Kadakia


Vatsal Kataria: Conceptual Miniature Photography

What it takes to do Conceptual Miniature Photography? Vatsal Kataria… one of the most exemplary and iconic conceptual photographer around the world explained it all.

Photograph / Bobby Joshi

Photograph / Vatsal Kataria


Bobby Joshi: Travel Photography

When you travel, you want to return with images that give your viewers a sense of the wonderful things you’ve seen and the experiences you’ve had. Bobby Joshi talks about his experiences as a travel photographer and shares some tips on how to shoot on the go.

Photograph / Bobby Joshi


Anushri Kumar: Child Photography

Child Photographer Anushri Kumar shares some fun tips & tricks on how to photograph children.

Photograph / Anushri Kumar


Gopal MS: Street Photography

Rediscover the streets of your city through your lens with a free webinar by Gopal MS on documenting the streets of your city.

Photograph / Gopal MS


Sarang Naik: Black and white Photography

Sarang Naik gives you creative inputs, various myths guidelines, tips on how to shoot, how to make great black and white macro images, composition, the ethics of macro photography and more.

Photograph / Sarang Naik


Ashish Sahu: Fashion Photography

Ashish Sahu talks about the ins and outs of fashion photography and the art behind all the glamour.

Photograph / Ashish Sahu


Nrupen Madhvani: Product Photography

Nrupen Madhvani teaches the best ways to attractively represent still life in your photographs.

Photograph / Nrupen Madhvani


Manish Mamtani: Astro Photography

Manish Mamtani shares his views on how to capture starry nights in your frames.

Photograph / Manish Mamtani


Bhumika Bhatia: Portrait Photography

Bhumika talks about different ways to capture mesmerising portraits.

Photograph / Bhumika Bhatia


Jayanth Sharma: Wildlife Photography

A session where Jayanth Sharma talks about where  how to capture the thrill of shooting in the wild.

Photograph / Jayanth Sharma


Randhir Singh: Interiors & Architecture Photography

Randhir Singh on how to photograph the integral spaces and architectural design.

Photograph / Randhir Singh


Karthik Srinivasan: Fashion Photography

Karthik shares his views on about the nuances of fashion photography.

Photograph / Karthik Srinivasan

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