Adobe Photography Virtual Series: Child Photography

Photograph/Anushri Kumar

Photograph/Anushri Kumar

Join Child Photographer Anushri Kumar and Adobe expert Abhishek Mukherjee for this online session, as they will be sharing some fun tips & tricks on how to photograph children.

Some questions that will be answered during this session are:

– What are the recommended settings when photographing babies?
– Is it okay to use flash when photographing babies?
– How do you handle a situation when a child may not cooperate during a shoot?
– What equipment is recommended for child photography at home?
Photograph/Anushri Kumar

Photograph/Anushri Kumar

During this session you will learn how to photograph children and how you can use post processing tools to enhance your images.

At this online session, we will cover:
Important aspects of Child Photography
Technical aspects : Camera settings, Lighting, and Accessories
Tips & Tricks to shoot your best images.
Editing and enhancement with Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom

Date: Friday, 22 January 2015

Time: 3:00 — 5:00pm

You can register for the workshop here. The details to join the webinar will be shared post-registration. 

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