Abey Verky’s on His Company’s Business

Abey Verky,  Proprieter, A J Business Machines

Abey Verky, Proprieter, A J Business Machines

Abey Verky, Proprieter, A J Business Machines, gives us an insight into his photofinishing business and its most popular customers.

Based out of Kochi, A J Business Machines deals with post printing solutions for the offset industry, photo industry, as well as the digital industry. Abey mentions, “We are more prominent in the photofinishing industry, especially in album making.”
The printers come equipped with all the photofinishing requirements. There is a laminating machine, window cutting machine, creasing machine and others and the printers are available all over India.
Nationally, A J Business Machines has over 300 customers who are continuously provided with supplies and services. The GBC Ultima 65 lamination machine is their most popular product, ideal for any toner based prints for laminations.
Despite of not having a market share outside of India, a lot of their international customers come from the Middle East. Their major customers from India come from colour labs and they have their biggest market share from the quality conscious people from Southern India.
The company is expecting to end the year 2014 with a 15 crore plus turnover and to have a 25 crore jump in 2015. They have been regular visitors of the India International Photo-Video Trade Fair since the past three years.



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