About Corporate Photography Challenge 2021

Over the years, the passion for photography has been growing across the world. Today, there are many serious individuals and photography enthusiasts who are inclined towards the medium, not just as a hobby, but also as a career. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, one can now capture fleeting moments with ease and excitement.

Better Photography, India’s best and leading photography magazine (part of the Network18 Group) is proud to present the Corporate Photography Challenge. To excite, encourage and motivate employees from the corporate world, Better Photography is very keen to have employees exhibit their photography talent through this contest. The competition is open to all employees from various organisations, and from any sector, who can submit their entries in six different categories. This is a wonderful opportunity for employees from across the corporate world to think beyond work and express their creativity and vision.

Participate in the Corporate Photography Challenge 2021 today!

Registration Process


1. If you have participated or registered for any of the Better Photography contests you are automatically registered to participate in the Corporate Photography Challenge 2021. Please login using the same credentials. If you haven’t registered yet, click here to register.

2. There are 6 photography categories. Into these categories, you need to upload your photos.

         - Lockdown Diaries
         - Organisation /Disorganisation
         - Travel Joy & Monuments
         - Still life
         - My family and other animals
         - Nature & Wildlife


All entries must be uploaded latest by 30-Nov-2021.